Cooperation models

The efficiency and satisfaction of both our experts and business partners are important to us. Thus, we pay great attention during recruitment process to match experience, skills and personality for the tasks in the projects. It allows us to keep space and opportunity to grow.

IT professionals outsourcing

We outsource IT specialists to projects conducted by our clients, ensuring all formal duties related to their employment, settlements or trainings. As a result, clients do not have to employ a permanent staff, saving time and effort on the recruitment process and only paying for days worked without the need to increase the number of FTEs. As a result, this approach gives organizations increased flexibility and allows to reduce operating costs

team leasing

We provide “ready for delivery” teams with a complete set of competences and experience. Dedicated teams are able to deliver projects of analysis, development and QA based on technologies chosen by the Client. Team is ready to perform tasks and might be managed by the Client or include a team leader.

team training

In case of unique technologies we can organize teams of specialists that attend several weeks, or even several months training in selected technologies and are prepared to work for the client’s project. Training can be carried out by CORE specialists or in cooperation with the Client trainers.


Our specialists work for the projects delivered for clients in the Western Europe, work locally and/or by sharing their time between the location of the Client and remote work.


We have necessary infrastructure, implemented processes and procedures which are essentials to finalize all the projects. We are able to complete the most advanced projects and using our vast experience we are also able to guide and propose the most suitable solutions for your company.


Our specialists are responsible for developing software application based on artefacts which are delivered by a client. We are able to redo a software application in accordance with a version which is used presently. We also guarantee the possiblity of future maintanance and further development.


Core Services has been awarded several times, which proofs the dynamic development of the company, high quality of services and strengthen our position on the IT market.